Age4 years

Personality: Strong, silent type.

Relationship to the cubsFather


Age: 3 years

Personality: Dominant. Confident. Charismatic.

Relationship to the cubsMother


Age3 years

PersonalityShy, but shares what is on her mind.

Relationship to the cubsAunt

Haji & Asani

Age1 year

Born: Audubon Zoo

Relationship to Pride: Offspring of Kali and Arnold

Audubon welcomed the cubs as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan Breeding guidelines. In addition to creating a population safety net of lions in human care, we're also teamed up with Disney to Protect the Pride by supporting the Wildlife Conservation Network's Lion Recovery Fund to help African wildlife, habitats, and communities. So, when you come see the newest additions to our pride here in New Orleans, you can take pride in knowing that you're helping these majestic animals across the globe.

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Age: 3 years

Personality: Playful. Outgoing. Inquisitive.

Relationship to the cubsAunt

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pride & JoY

Lions are critically endangered
with a total population of only 20,000.

We’re trying to change that. 

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Audubon Zoo is swelling with pride! The Zoo's lion family has grown by two! Mom Kali and dad Arnold are the proud parent's of two male cubs, born January of 2020 and named Haji and Asani by public vote.

While the Zoo was closed to the public due to COVID-19, Audubon’s passionate and dedicated staff were still hard at work caring for the lions—who had been living behind the scenes were just introduced to their outdoor habitat on April 22, 2020.

You can support the pride during these challenging times by making a donation to Audubon’s Recovery Fund or adopting a lion cub through Audubon’s Adopt an Animal program. You can stay connected with Audubon and keep up with the latest lion news by following us on social media!


Lions are critically endangered with a total population of only 20,000.

We're trying to change that.

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the roar has Returned
cuter than ever

Audubon Zoo wants your help naming the two male lion cubs! Select your favorite name out of the three options below. Animal care staff will assign the two names that receive the most votes based on their personalities.

*Lion Cub photo by Danielle Donegan

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